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Has your school shut down due to the coronavirus? Looking for a unit on evolution your students can do on their own? Here it is! This unit should take a total 5-6 hours for students to complete. Complete this form for the student response sheets, rubrics, and answer keys.

Ready-to-Go Middle School Evolution Unit

All you need to effectively address your middle school evolution standards.

Evolution Resources by Curriculum Standard
General Online Resources for Evolution

Fact, Hypothesis, Law, and Theory

Addressing Evolution Myths and Misconceptions

Evolution Explains Life’s Common Ancestry and Diversity

Geologic Timescale

The History of Evolutionary Theory

Evolution Isn’t Perfect

NGSS Middle School Standards Related to Evolutionary Science

Natural Selection and Adaptation
Growth, Development, and Reproduction of Organisms
Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

Addressing your Concerns as Science Teachers

The NSTA Position Statement on Evolution Education
Dealing With Objections
Common Misconceptions- Teacher FAQ

No Evolution Standards at your grade level? Integrate them!

For Spanish Speakers

Ready-to-Go Elementary School Evolution Unit

Natural Selection
Hands-on Investigations

Natural Selection
Online Games

Natural Selection

Evidence for Evolution



Law of Superposition

Artificial Selection

Vestigial Structures

Similarities-Homologous Structures

Genes as Homologous Structures

Human Evolution