Meet a Living Fossil, with Dr. Scott Thomson

Scott Thomson, the Curator of the Chelonian Research Institute in Florida,  will present on his work over the last 25 years on the evolution of the side necked turtles from South America and Australia. Including the discovery of the living fossil Elseya lavarackorum or Gulf Snapping Turtle. This species was described as a fossil from Riversliegh (Australia) but was later found to be still alive. He will discuss the combining of the fossil record with that of living species, incorporating DNA technology and cryptic species. We can also discuss zoogeography and the explanations of how a group occurs in two continents on opposite sides of the earth and nowhere else.

Scott Thomson is the Curator of the Chelonian Research Institute, a Research Associate at the Museu de Zoologia in Sao Paulo Brasil and a Research Fellow at the University of Canberra in Australia. He has named 8 species a genus and a subgenus of turtles, this includes both living and fossil species. As a researcher he is a taxonomist and a paleontologist studying morphology, nomenclature and statistics.

One comment on “Meet a Living Fossil, with Dr. Scott Thomson”

  • flyingfsck says:

    Hmm, a turtle, OK.  I thought that calling the good doctor a fossil in your article heading is maybe a little impolite… 😉


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