Darwin’s Rival: Alfred Russel Wallace and the Search for Evolution

Follow Victorian naturalist and explorer Alfred Russel Wallace on his epic journeys around the globe and find out how he discovered the theory of evolution by natural selection, independently of Charles Darwin. ‘Darwin’s Rival’ traces Wallace’s life from his childhood in the Welsh countryside to becoming one of the world’s most famous scientists, via dense tropical jungles and perilous sea journeys. With evocative illustrations by Harry Tennant, this book, for children and adults alike, introduces the man so often eclipsed by his contemporary and friend Charles Darwin.

Author Christiane Dorion is passionate about the environment and feels fortunate to work with wonderful illustrators and designers to make the natural world spring to life through my books.

Originally from Quebec, Canada, Christiane came to the UK to complete a PhD in Education for Sustainable Development and has since made it her home. As well as writing children’s books, she has worked as an education consultant for environmental organizations including WWF, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Forum for the Future. Her work involves developing programs and resources to inspire children to explore the complex systems of the world we live in and to take positive actions towards a sustainable future.

She is an optimist and believes that young people can change the world and create a future in which both people and nature can thrive! Join us for this FREE webinar.